Paul C


Paul C is a notable figure in the Italian electronic music production landscape, known for his distinctive and technically nuanced approach. His journey began in the mid-’90s, where he meticulously developed his production skills. His sonic identity, a fusion of tech-house with a captivating energy for the dancefloor, found a home on influential record labels.

Over the years, Paul C has been a dedicated studio craftsman. His work has gained recognition from prominent industry figures and secured placements on esteemed labels, including Hot Creations, Elrow, Moon Harbour,
Knee Deep, Roush, Bandidos, CUFF, and ViVA.

Paul C has taken his music to the global stage, he’s been a guest star at some of the most renowned electronic music events and clubs worldwide, including Paradise with Jamie Jones, DC10, Pacha, BPM, ADE in Holland, Sonar in Spain, Paradiso Amsterdam, Egg London, Zig Zag Paris, Ritter Butzke Berlin, among others.

In a pivotal career move, Paul C launched his own label, Posh Records, to foster emerging talent within the electronic music sphere. He enjoys consistent support from leading DJs such as Marco Carola, Jamie Jones, Carl Cox, Luciano, Matthias Tanzmann, Joseph Capriati, Nick Curly, Monika Kruse, and more.

Paul C keeps expertly blending his house music influences into a contemporary fusion with tech sounds. With each new creation, he not only crafts his signature style but also reaffirms his commitment to leaving an enduring mark on the electronic music scene.