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Mark Jenkyns Feat. MC...

Mark Jenkyns has joined forces with MC Chickaboo for his return to Hot Creations. Together they have brought you a ridiculously formidable EP. Featuring the title track ‘On Me’, a fully capable rabble rouser utilising the full spectrum of Mark’s production skills. Followed by the club tweak, taking a laser focused approach to ‘On Me’ that refines it’s funkier elements to create a dancefloor weapon to reckoned with.

The first remix comes in from 12 Stories, Mark Jenkyns’ side project with Inxec. Due to make the official debut on Hot Creations this summer, for now though they have delivered a stripped back but unpredictable beast out of ‘On Me’. Followed swiftly by the second original on the EP ‘Like This’. Another lesson in the art of Hot Creations, destined to get heads bobbing and feet shuffling in venues around the world.

To wrap up the entire release Skream has also tried his hand at remixing ‘On Me’. Resulting in the hands down fan favourite track on the release. Since switching his sound to house/disco Skream has made massive headway in 4/4 production, and on this remix it’s really starting to show.

Available from:

Beatport -
Juno -
Phonica -
Deejay (Germany) -

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OUT NOW | Denney 'Pimp Out'

Now available to buy on Juno.

Now that 2015 is well underway Denney has stepped in to add another superb notch to the Hot Creations bow. The Pimp Out EP features two heavy weight club bangers and a back to basics remix from frequent Hot Creations contributor Luca Cazal.

A-side ‘Low Frequency’ is a low slung affair accompanied by 90s inspired synth stabs and a sprinkling of 303 acid flourishes. Over on the B-side there’s title track ‘Pimp Out’ that brings a sense of fun to the release, the bassline bouncing along until it reaches its percussive second half. Rounding it all out Luca Cazal takes the rolling bass from ‘Pimp Out’ and strips the rest down for a raw interpretation that will no less ignite the dancefloor.

Now available to buy on Juno.

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OUT NOW | SEFF 'Jack's Back'

‘Jack’s Back’ by SEFF is now available on Juno or Beatport.

Launching Hot Creations into 2015, Seff brings a solid three track release that defies the reputation that January has for being an uneventful month in music. A-side ‘Like That’ brings chugging electronic synths and raw bass, getting the release off to a strong start. Then title track Jack’s Back hits it home, an energetic and rousing dance floor filler with no intention of letting 2015 start slow. To round out the trio is ‘Zoot’ bringing a darker vibe that leaves a lasting - if a little ominous - impression as the EP draws to a close.

Hot Creations continues to grow year over year and 2015 will be no exception, with a solid start to the release schedule in SEFF’s ‘Jack’s Back’ seeking to set an exciting precedent for the year to follow.

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NYE 2014

2015 is just around the corner and Hot Creations will be appearing at NYE celebrations around the world in various forms. Perhaps you still need an idea of where to go, or perhaps you already have tickets for one of these nights. Either way here's a quick recap of all the events the Hot Creations crew will be appearing at on 31st December:

Jamie Jones / Richy Ahmed @ Blue Marlin Ibiza UAE, Dubai

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Out now | Steve Lawler...

'House Record' by Steve Lawler is now available on Juno and Beatport.

Rounding out 2014 in spectacular style, VIVa boss Steve Lawler has been called upon for the last Hot Creations release of this year. The title track takes its cues from the 80s house sound, plying on synths and soaring vocals that transport your mind and you r ears back in time. Yet it retains a clear modern sensibility, the quality of this production won't let you forget that it was crafted in 2014.

Its been yet another solid year in terms of output and Steve Lawler delivers an absolute killer EP to solidify just how good 2014 has been. The energy levels are perfect for main room dancefloors, ensuring that this record will be played out in clubs worldwide over the winter months.

Click here to buy on Juno or Beatport.

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